Mounds Park Academy

Weekly Themes

June 10 – 14

MPA Scientists' Lab Week!

Ready. Set. Let's experiemnt! Join us for a fun-filled week of science as we conduct numerous hands-on science experiements, concot crazy potions, make indoor snow, creat science-related crafts, and so much more. Who knew science could be so much fun!

July 8 – 12

Camp Contraption and Invention Week!

Join us as we experiement with all kinds of materials to bring out your inner inventor! Do you have some great ideas on how to build a robot, clean up pollution, or create a brand new game? Come design it, build it and share it with us. We will cap off thw week with a trip to The Work Museum in Bloomington for inventor inspiration!

July 15 – 19

Mystery Festival Week!

Who doesn't like a good MYSTERY? We sure do. Join us as we investigate, explore, and use science to solve many mysteries during Mystery Festival Week. Our student-detectives will look for clues, conduct hands-on science tests, and use the art of deduction to solve a week filled with mysteries.

July 22 – 26

Wild World of Animals & Critters Week!

During this "wild" camp week, we will embark on an amazing animal journey through space and time. Learn about different animals and critters from around the world, travel back to the days of the dinosaurs, create animal-themed crafts, and meet some amazing animals and critters up close when the MN Zoomobile comes to visit! So much animal fun in one week!

July 29 – August 2

Time Travel Week!

Join us as we travel through time! During the week, campers will have a chance to jump through time and space, and explore time through a unique lens. See life during the age of the dinosaurs, explore the world of the 1800s, travel 200 years into the future, and much more. Time to time travel!

August 5 – 9

Under The Sea Week!

Help us explore the depths of the sea during this sea-worthy week! Learn about the truly unique animals that live in the ocean, explore the mysterious ocean bottom, learn about the myths and legends of the sea, take a boating trip around the owrld, and so much more. At the end of the week we will go to Sea Quest at the Mall of America and put our "sea knowledge" to the test!