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Entering Grades: 5 – 9

Students interested in rocketry and aerodynamics will find this hands-on class a must, especially with Mr. Thomsen as the instructor. Students will design, build, and fly several different paper and balsa glider designs. Students will also build and lauch Estes rocket kits. Put your problem solving, creativity, science enthusiasim to work in this new and exciting class offering. Grade refers to grade student enters in the fall.

Class confirmation and details will be sent home before start of class.

Sections Offered
June 20 – 23 — Summer 2023 9 – 11 AM
Entering Grades: 7 – 12

Here is your chance to work with Ms. Hernandez! Bring your imagination and voice to life through graphic design. Graphic design is a modern way to communicate and creatively express yourself, especially while living in a very virtual world. Learn fundamentals of Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop to create unique visuals, graphics, elements, artwork, print, gifs, and more. Grade refers to grade student enters in the fall.

Sections Offered
July 24 – 28 — Summer 2023 2 – 4 PM
Entering Grades: 9


  • August 7-11
  • 9 AM-12 Noon

“Good writing is good thinking, and it takes pondering an idea. If you don’t know what to write immediately, that’s normal and doesn’t mean you aren’t good at it. All writing takes revision and thinking that takes time.” - Sara Mohn, MPA Upper School English Faculty

In this summer offering, students will learn habits, strategies, and skills aimed at setting them up to hit the ground running on day one of their English 9 class this fall. Students will be engaged in a high-energy classroom and will be asked to write responses to a variety of prompts and practice their analytical writing skills and mechanics through games and in using relevant sources. Among other activities, students will be provided with sentence models and learn how to rearrange, add, and delete. The structure of this course was developed with input from members of the current upper school English faculty at MPA.

Some specific skills include:

  • Outlining: Planning an essay
  • Thesis: the process of refining and revising it
  • Topic Sentences: Support of a thesis that reflects the organizational plan
  • Transitions: How the paragraphs are related
  • Internal transitions: Connecting sentences
  • Introductions: Logical development
  • Using Passive Voice
  • Fluency: vary sentence length and structure for rhythm
  • Working to be concise and precise: It’s an endless process to work on!
  • How to REVISE and not just “fix”
  • How to find and incorporate evidence into their papers

Instructor Bio:

Charlotte Bergh is a rising sophomore at Yale University, where she intends to study English Literature and Philosophy. She graduated from Mounds Park Academy in 2022, receiving both the English and Forensics Department Awards for her work as a writer and public speaker. At Yale, she was selected for Directed Studies, an intensive writing program emphasizing the study of the Western literary, historical, and philosophical canon. Previously, she worked as a copy editor and research assistant, and she has tutored students of all ages both at Mounds Park Academy and with Saint Paul Public Libraries. Charlotte's favorite book from freshman year English at MPA is Romeo and Juliet, and she's excited for this program as a way to build everyone's confidence in and enthusiasm for reading and writing.

Sections Offered
August 7 – 11 — Summer 2023 9 AM – 12 PM