Mounds Park Academy

Fund A Need

Together, We Dream: The Campaign for MPA represents growth and vitality for our community. Let's dream even bigger and make sure our students have the technology in these new spaces to take them further. Join us in this year's Spring Auction Fund A Need by raising your paddle for our students and Together, We Dream of High Tech Spaces.

With your help, we can make state-of-the-art technology upgrades to our new commons, cafeteria, kitchen, and library! Your gift will provide:

  • A sizable projection system fitting for the space and scope of the new commons, cafeteria, and kitchen. This system will include a 16' by 12' screen and sound system for optimal viewing and sound perfect for events, dances, community meetings, and more.
  • An additional classroom and presentation area sound system and projector to be used by teachers, parents, and students in the new commons.
  • Electrical and technology upgrades needed in the space to tap into the current system and ensure that announcements from the rest of the school’s PA system can be heard in the new spaces.
  • Four student small group rooms in the library and mezzanine area equipped with Apple TV and video conferencing technology. This will allow students and teachers to meet their curricular needs and for these spaces to be utilized in a variety of ways
  • A new 75" screen for the presentation teaching area of the library which includes Apple TV.
  • 55" Apple TV screens for the breakout rooms in the library.
  • Modern-day film-making and visual arts technology for our students. A green screen classroom will be created, equipped with adjustable lighting. In addition, a professional-grade camera will be purchased for students to use for photography stills and recording video. A high performance video display iMac will also include animation, photography, and video editing software for students to engage their creativity and complete special projects for in the classroom and their extra-curricular interests. The combination of the latest in technology with the tradition of the arts has been a core part of the MPA mission.

Make a gift today!